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Originally Posted by FlyersJunky View Post
You miss the GM between the two Clarke periods who was not and led the team through it's half decade in the desert without postseasons... The one who traded away all the players (including Forsberg) and all the picks and millions of bucks, Farwell... Hmmm.
Who hired him?

You also failed to take into consideration Allen, McCammon and Quinn (coach) and the many other head coaches that were almost all from outside the organization... Personally, I see nothing wrong with the devil you know, after he has had a long period of unofficial interviewing/tryouts through service in the organization; many teams also do that.
Yes, they're part of the institutional nepotism structure that the Flyers are part of. Former NHL players, etc.

And, yes, on the surface there is nothing wrong with the "devil that you know," but there is when that blinds you to warts and other options. It's simply amazing to me that after 2.5+ years it's acceptable to Holmgren that he views his NHL head coach as still learning how to do his job.

This of course cannot be confused with the in-house jobs that they find for their loyal family members... Which is an altogether different topic.
Not really, it's all part of the same structure. Guys rise up through organizations (which they have some specific connections to generally) and then find jobs within the industry. So, the Flyers have Ron Hextall working in their front office for a while and now he's an Asst. GM with the Kings, and likely to be a GM somewhere some day.

That in itself does not mean that Hextall will not be a good GM...I hope he becomes a very good GM, cuz I like the guy. However, lets not act like this is equal opportunity employment. John Stevens became an Asst. Head Coach with the Phantoms because he was playing there and knew people when his eye got damaged. The next year Barber went to the NHL and Stevens was there to inherit the AHL job, which he held for a few years and they eventually decided to throw him a bone and bring him up to the NHL...where he was in position to inherit the job when Hitch was canned. They had replaced Stevens with Berube (another former Flyer) as the Phantoms head coach...and now he's our assistant.

Now, the fact that they played within the organization does not mean they won't be successful at their job, but it was a, if not the key element in them getting the job in the first place.

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