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8. Salary Cap

8.1 General
  1. How exactly does the "35 and older" rule work?
    -- (posts 3 and 4)

  2. If a player is in the AHL on a 1-way contract, does he count against the team's salary cap?
    -- No.

  3. Do players in the AHL on 2-way contracts count against the cap?
    -- No.

  4. Can teams pay players a percentage of the Upper Limit?
    -- No.

  5. If the Upper Limit goes down and a player is suddenly making more than 20% of the new (lower limit), does his salary get reduced?
    -- No.

  6. How are performance bonuses treated for salary cap purposes?

  7. Can a team pay a player's spouse to give the player more $ without it counting against the cap?
    -- No. (posts 7 and 9)
8.2 Determining the Salary Cap
  1. How is the salary cap range determined?
    -- How it was derived for 2005-06:
Linkage rate as % of HRR:
Under $2.2 billion in HRR: players get 54% collectively
From $2.2 billion to $2.4 billion in HRR: 54-55% on a sliding scale
From $2.4 billion to $2.7 billion in HRR: 55-56% on a sliding scale
$2.7 billion in HRR, and over: players get 57%[/QUOTE]

8.3 Injuries
  1. Do injured players still count against the cap?
    -- YES, THEY DO.
8.4 Bonuses
  1. So, if my team goes over the cap in 2008-09, we can just carry the overage to 2009-10 ... right?
    -- Not in 2008-2009. Because the NHLPA holds the right to reopen the CBA if it notifies the NHL prior to May 18, 2009 then the current [2008-09] season must be considered the final season under this CBA - and thus the $56.7 million Upper Limit is a hard cap; the total cap numbers of players [including bonuses] on the NHL roster may never exceed that amount during the season. (Even though the NHLPA notified the NHL in the middle of the 08-09 season, before the trade deadline, that they would not terminate the CBA early, the NHL did not reinstate the bonus cushion for the remainder of the 08-09 season.)
    -- This bonus cushion generally does not exist in the season preceding the end (or potential end) of the CBA. With the CBA set to expire 9/15/2011, the 2010-2011 season will not have a bonus cushion (unless the NHLPA extends the CBA to 9/15/2012 -- and probably makes that determination by 9/1/2010). Note -- the NHLPA did vote to extend the CBA until 9/15/2012, so the 10-11 season will have a bonus cushion; however, the 2011-2012 season will not have a bonus cushion.

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