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Originally Posted by Fish on The Sand View Post
even in 1999 that prospect pool was considered crap. Its not like it was a shock that pretty much all of those players busted. They were mostly considered duds from the time they were drafted.
Man - no reason to make stuff up.

Duds from the time they were drafted?

The three biggest busts on the list were the prospects who were highly touted in Chouinard, Higgins, and Ryan. Ward, as far as potential goes, was also a bust (even though he's enjoyed a lengthy NHL career). They were our four most highly touted prospects of the 10 and registered just 491 games between them with 336 of those games belonging to Ward.

The 1999 group wasn't THAT bad either. Between the 10 players - they've played in a total of 2318 games or 232 games each. That number is still growing and will hit at least 3,000 barring a major turning point which would bring us to 300 games a piece. It just looks really bad because we had four 1st round busts.

The prospects that weren't as highly touted are the ones who have enjoyed lengthy NHL careers. Andrei Markov (6th round - 571 games), Mike Ribeiro (2nd round - 515 games), and Jose Theodore (2nd round - 501 games).

Miroslav Guren only played 36 games for the Canadiens - but he enjoyed a decent 6-year career in the RSL, including one season with CSKA Moscow. There were some excellent players picked behind him though.

The only player of that top-10 to not play at least 5 NHL games was Ilkka Mikkola who suited up for 0-games. But he's a solid defenseman who has enjoyed an above average career in the Finnish League. It appears to me like he had zero interest in the NHL.

Originally Posted by Flambergius View Post
Ward has had 336 NHL games so far, including over 200 games for teams other than us. (Brown has had 330 btw.) I think Ward qualifies as a NHLer, though still very disappointing for a first round pick.

But I do think that you are correct to point to our first round drafting in the nineties. (And please don't go look at our 1999 draft, it'll make you cry.) Our first round drafting was almost uniformly bad and failed to provide the organization with the assets needed to build a team. It took most of this decade to re-build that organizational strength.
Pederson and Charron also both played well over 100 games.

Pederson played with four NHL teams (San Jose, Montreal, Detroit, and Philadelphia). He scored over 0.5 PPG and even managed to put up a season, over a full year, he was on pace for 58 points (40 points in 58 games) while scoring 15 goals.

Charron also played for four NHL clubs (Washington, Montreal, Calary, and Tampa Bay).

Both were NHL players (with over 300 GP - including playoffs) - just very disappointing.

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