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Originally Posted by Kareem View Post
No, that is not due to the squatting, that's due to the Olympic lifters practice of explosive mouvements like the clean and the snatch. That's why they can jump higher and sprint much faster than powerlifters(who squat and deadlift much heavier weights).

Both olympic mouvements are an awesome way of developping fast twitch muscle fiber, they also developp your balance, your rate of force production, your flexibility and your CNS. Squats are good for maximum strength and have its place for vertical jump training, but what you said about oly lifters is just inaccurate.

If you're talking about Squat jumps though, that's a different thing altogether.

And what is an olympic powerlifter? You're either an olympic lifter or a powerlifter, two completely different things.

Here's a study on powerlifting(squatting, deadlifting and bench pressing the heaviest weights possible) vs olympic lifting(variations of Clean and jerk and snatch) on vertical jump improvement:

Olympic lifting provided a significant improvement on sprinting and vertical jumping. That's entirely due to the explosive nature of both mouvements.
olympic lifters do lots and lots of squats. im suggesting squats and calf exercises separately because they are much, much easier to do than olympic lifts. while providing more or less the same benefits. if you explode upwards in your squat reps you will increase that explosive strength no problem. combine it with separate calf exercises and you get the same benefit. the leg part of the clean and jerk is essentially the squat motion with a jump at the end. except olympic lifts put a hell of a lot of strain on your shoulders and elbows which does nothing for your skating acceleration.

your study says:

No significant pre- to posttraining differences were observed in 1RM bench press, 40-yard sprint, agility, VJ or in VJP in either group.
a couple things i would point out:

-i assume the people taking part in that study already work out plenty as they play college football. my advice is not for such people.
-the group in that study doing powerlifting did no calf exercises as far as i can tell so of course they would get less vertical jump improvement. maybe if you go back and read my advice again you'll notice squats are only one of four things i said i'd do.

olympic lifts are great for explosive power in the legs. of course they are. but if explosive leg strength is your SPECIFIC goal olympic lifts involve a lot of extraneous **** that isnt worth learning and practicing, and offers a much greater risk of injury.

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