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Originally Posted by axleone View Post
Why are we starting with Staal? Who said he's in the first pairing? Why can't we just pick the 1st paring by picking 2 selections from the group of 6?.
We're starting with Staal because he had the highest percentage of the defensive vote (100%). I never said this was to vote on the first pairing, I just asked who his partner would be. The 1st/2nd/3rd pairing titles will be handed out once we know what the pairings are.

Marc Staal and the partner voted here are not necessarily the first pair, they are just a pair.

The problem with just putting "here's 6, pick 2" is people voting for all kinds of wacky pairs will skew the final vote. The same person that votes for, say, Staal and Girardi gives the same vote to Marc Staal as those that vote, say, Staal and Redden, so all we know is that both people want Marc Staal on the first pairing. That's not too helpful. We need to determine which 2 guys will play best together, so its easier to prompt someone and say "Who should play with X?" than just give a list to the forum and have them all pick 2.

If 100 people vote for Staal, but half vote for Staal/Redden and Staal/Rozsival, and then 100 people vote for Girardi, but half vote for Girardi/Gilroy and half vote for Girardi/Heikkinen, then we end up with Staal and Girardi having the most votes, and, for argument's sake, what if that's not a pairing anybody at all wanted, but everyone voted the pairings differently and the numbers got distorted? Can't have that.

Once we know the 3 pairings, we will vote on the ranks of the pairings.

Originally Posted by blue2noise View Post
by the way, puck. This was such an awesome idea
Thank you much. Glad people are enjoying it

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