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08-02-2009, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Well, the NHLPA is backing them signing these types of contracts...I very much doubt the NHLPA would fight if it came to light that there was an agreement that the player would retire before the conclusion of the contract.
That's a bridge they will cross if and when a hand is found in the cookie jar... or when the smoke is coming from the barrel of the weapon in their hand -- I could decide on which old analogy to call up here, so I used both, LOL -- You can't argue with an flat out admission... If Hossa did openly state that it was discussed, as was posted here the other day, the NHLPA would have to tap dance their way off stage.

BUT, I can't see them not supporting Pronger, even if the broached the subject of his retirement... if it were was known going in that the 35+ rule would be in effect. Even if they were ignorant to the timing of it taking effect, the results would still hold true and, IMO, all the League could do is slap the Flyers gently on wrist because they ineptly TRIED to circumvent.

Personally, I think that this is all a face saving endeavor until they close the loophole... and scare the teams to not take advantage of it, being on notice that they won't hear of such deals.

What the have to do, again IMO, is to not approve the contracts when they are presented to the League, rather than await another team to cry foul play... if they do in fact believe that they are circumventions... Put the deal in limbo, and get a correct ruling BEFORE approval.

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