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Originally Posted by Hollywood Cannon View Post
Bingo I swear to god if you quit I will lose all respect for you . Don't quit man things are rough at times but if you really love the game It'll come back to you. So maybe take a break? You know all my crazy stories of getting hurt and every single time i've gotten hurt I couldn't stand not playing hockey. But all in all it's probably best to take a break and let everything come into focus. Is their any specific reason why you're considering it?
I agree take a break from the game. I'm kind of in the same position where I'm not entirely enjoying the sport and have dropped in performance. In my case I may have gone overboard by playing 3 times a week and being content with allowing other players on the team to take over the game (scoring wise). The game definitely feels less rewarding and less enjoyable if your just coasting games/shifts and really not putting in your best effort.

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