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08-03-2009, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Pyke View Post
As an aside, Sharks fans can keep Petricki. Never heard of him, and don't really care about him. Maybe he turns into a great defenseman, maybe not. I've heard of 95% of blue chip prospects for every team in the league, so I find it strange that I've never heard of someone that someone is saying is the next Scott Stevens (you'd think such a player would be a top 10 draft pick).

But whatever. It doesn't really matter. On the other hand, what does matter is the trade proposal.

It's very simple. The Sharks should give up Mihalek + Ehroff + Cheechoo for Heatley.

OR, they could give up Mihalek + Ehroff + Versteeg/Sharp... Or maybe, if the Sens were amiable, Mihalek + Ehroff + Coutoure + 1st.... I dunno if that works for the Sens, but who knows.

In any event, I don't see why we're talking about Petricki.


Oh and, by the by, I would take Karlsson, Cowen or Weircioch over Petricki any day.. And I think most NHL scouts would too.
I think he is being a bit overrated by sharks fans (I live in Spokane and it is Cowen no contest, provided the knee holds up), but if you haven't heard ofPetrecki look into him. I think he has a reaonsable chance of being a meaner, but probably not as good defensively Robyn Reghr. Is a Steven's like player possible? I suppose, but Stevens was far smarter, and also had a great deal more offensive potential.

Also, I take Karlsson and Cowen over Petrecki easily, but not Weiorioch, who is a very, very good prospect. Very under the radar, and quite the steal in the second round.

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