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08-03-2009, 09:52 AM
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Bruce changes it up. We need to address a few scenarios to get a real feel for our lines.

Will we go with a checking line or not. It seems we say yes, but how many games did Bruce ever use one? His vision is attack offensively and a few goals from Steckel shouldnt change his vision; perhaps only reinforce that Steckel is a stud in big games. What Bruce may fail to see is that indeed a good defense generates offense. I contend a checking line will pot more goals that 3 failed top 6 forwards thrown together on 3. Bruce will have to rethink his overall offensive approach to go with two scoring lines.

You have to account for Flash scoring a goal. That shakes up two lines automatically. When he is invisible for the next game, that shakes up two more lines.

Ovi Backis is automatic and is the starting point of our lines. I hope BMo is going to get time with Ovi. Bruce broke up Ovi and Nick in the Pens series and it largely failed. But he did it, and will do it again. And thats fine. I want to see Ovi BMo

Ovi playing with Semin is the other big factor. Together they kicked ass and took names last fall and we won games. The nay sayers that lobbied that they must be kept apart hopefully saw they dont need to be. I want to see Bruce use that more in the regular and post season again.

What is the total number of possible line combos? 12000? I wonder how many we saw last year.

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