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08-03-2009, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Orange Crush 89 View Post
I hope the Blackhawks and Flyers sue the NHL, because what they're doing is out and out illegal.
Investigating something is illegal?

If the Blackhawks and Hossa have an under-the-table agreement that he will retire before that contract is over and years were tacked onto the contract purely to lower the cap hit during the years Hossa intends to play, then that is not an "honest" contract and is purely designed to circumvent the cap.

Originally Posted by CantSeeColors View Post
I don't see how you can make the argument that they can afford it when a third of the league is operating at a self imposed cap that isn't near the real cap. The contracts are keeping the cap hits for some of these players down, but they're still actually getting paid $8M a year, which is what the small teams can't afford. If they're not willing to spend to the cap, how can they offer these kinds of deals that make their payroll go over the cap?
Because if they're paying $8M now on a long-term contract with a $6M cap hit, it means they're going to save in some future years. Moreover, given the types of players we're talking about on these deals, it allows them to build marketing strategies around high-end talent in the long-term. And, as said, if the ownership group is thinking long term, they can assume some spending above their self-imposed cap for future spending below.

Cem on, this is it on credit for now!

Now, a small market team might be less willing to give out such a deal to someone like Hossa who will be relatively old at the tail end of the contract, but they are now capable of locking up their franchise players to long-term contracts that take them through their prime.

I also think the larger issue that is getting ignored here, as noted, is that you're seeing the "big market" teams cease being big players on the free agent market. The ONLY premier free agent the Flyers have signed since the lockout is Briere. You can include Timonen and Hartnell, but they were traded for and signed prior to free agency...since that summer we haven't been big players on the free agent market.

Great news if you're a small market club.

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