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08-03-2009, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyerX View Post
Pittsburgh had been saddled with a low revenue building and dodgy ownership, the Caps tried to win since Leonsis bought them but it took them awhile, Chicago didn't get good again until old man Wirtz died.

It comes from the top in hockey and Snider has been a gem of an owner. I wouldn't take it as far as Calrke, who seems to be implying those clubs deliberately tanked to load up on high draft picks.
Thank You,,,,,,,,,,, You understand the Hawks situation

Everyone does realize the Hawks sucked for a decade, correct?
Everyone realizes our owner didn't allow games on TV, correct?
Everyone realizes our owner told fans to stop coming if they didn't like him , correct?
Everyone realizes our owner traded away Belfour, Chelios, Roenick, etc because he didn't want to pay them, Correct?

Why do Hawks always get brought up in the tanking discussion. It wasn't a tank job it was a 100% incompentancly run franchise by the dark lord Bill Wirtz and his minion Bob Pulford.

If Wirtz wouldn't have died then Hawks probably would be gearing up to trade Kane , Keith and Toews because of the raises they will be getting.

It just frustrates me that after all we as Hawks fans put up with we get people complaining that we now are good. Cant we be happy for once?

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