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08-03-2009, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by LostMyGlasses View Post
I think its clear that the gaggle of lawyers and MBA's that the NHL employ's simply do not understand how to market the game.

Time to start hiring people that love, breathe and know the game, and why its the best. Im positive if you gave the posters on HF 1/100th of the budget the marketers for the NHL had, you could come up with about 13,256 commercials that were far better than the ones the NHL produced since the lockout.

Perhaps Linden isn't the best candidate, because I agree with you, he should have some background in business. Linden however, should be brought into this management team in a small roll where he can gain a good education on team operations.

That said, Linden could be black balled from management in the NHL...
Perhaps, then, it would be best to hire Linden as VP of Marketing/Public Relations (or something to that effect).

I don't see him as President and CEO just yet.

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