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Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
Hopefully Jagr will make the top 20 and Lafluer won't, his career is so much better, Lafluer fans can make all the excuses they want, Jagr was just better than him.
Jagr is a pretty polarizing guy to me. In terms of talent he's better then Lafluer. He was a better scorer then Lafluer. But the fact of the matter is that after Jagr cashed in with his big contract he was pretty widely known as a malcontent that could be depended on to show up only when he wanted to. As I said in the last time that Jagr came up for debate, he's hockey's answer to "Manny being Manny" for me. When he wants to play, actually wants to show up, he was borderline unstoppable and was arguably a generational talent. But the trick always was keeping Jagr happy later in his career. The Caps couldn't do it. The Rangers had to run Aaron Ward, a player that has never before or since been reported as a "problem", out of town in order to keep Jagr happy.

Despite Jagr's great talent, I have no qualms about dropping him in my rankings because of his actions off the ice. I still don't know just how my top 10 for this round will break down, but Jagr will most likely not be in it. I could honestly see him at the bottom of my list with how many negatives are around the guy despite his immense talent.

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