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11-01-2004, 11:48 AM
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1-Most talented hockey player ever:


2-Best deker ever?

that I have seen I would say Bure, Lemieux, and from everything I have been able to read Kharlamov

3-Best passer ever?


4-Best slap shooter ever?

Hull, and then Al Iafrate

5-Best snap shooter ever?

Bossy had a great snap shot, no one really sticks out though

6-Best wrist shooter ever?

Sakic from what I can remember

7-Best garbage goals scorer ever?

Esposito, Dino Ciccerelli

8-Fastest skater ever?


9-Toughest legend ever?

Howe (Gordie)

10-Best offensive defenseman ever?


11-Best defensive forward ever?

Read that as defensive defenseman, but I would say Carbeneau, Gainey, Provost (shut down Hull in his prime, not an easy task)

12-Best Goalie ever?

Sawchuck or Roy.

13-Best defenseman ever?


14- Best forward ever?


15-Best All Around Player ever?

Oh and please dont just name the players cuz I dont want this to turn into a grocery list. Please leave at least a one line explanation of why you chose whoever you chose for each category.[/QUOTE]

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