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11-01-2004, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur
u know wat, not wanting to judge a player before i seen him on his supposed "turn around",i wanted to avoid this thread as much as possible.. but i still wana put in one note.

this guy has played 5 games and u guys are close to calling him "legit" and putting him back up on the top 20 list. u guys are so damn eager to say he finally tapped into his "potential" and so quick to call him a "late bloomer" that you are just waiting for one excuse to validate your feelings. now as far as i can remmber, lehoux has always been labelled an inconsistent player, what makes you think this is any different?

i don't think lehoux is legit, even after all of this, i believe he still is not going to show a significant turn around this season. forgive me for being pessimistic,b ut i predict this flare now, a bump in a road, then lehoux mediocrity for the rest of the year with a few occasional flares throughout the season. if he proves me wrong, great! glad to have another prospect on board. but even then, one great year won't make me forget 3 mediocre ones.

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