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11-01-2004, 12:26 PM
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TB, explain to me how the NFL became so hugh in popularity?

Originally Posted by True Blue
The central revenue source is a product of how huge the NFL is as compared to the NHL. It has absolutely nothing to do with parity. If the NFL was ruled by 3 or 4 powerhouse dynasty-type teams each and every year, they would STILL outdo any type of income that the NHL has to offer. The NFL is a different animal entirely and any attempts to compare the 2 sports is doomed to fall short. You cannot say, "Well if the NHL had NFL type parity, they could have the same central revenue source", which is what it seems you are saying. That is falls short on 2 levels. First of all, the NHL already has NFL type parity. As a matter of fact, there have been more of a variety of teams making in in the NHL as there has been in the NFL. Look at the teams that have been playing for the right to go to the Stanley Cup. More small market teams than ever. More small market teams that go to the Cup than ever. And it is NOT an aberration, as Bettman would have you believe. An aberration does not last 10 years.
And the other thing is that NO MATTER how much parity the NHL would have, IT WILL NEVER even come close to the NFL as far as popularity goes. Therefore, the NHL has NO CHANCE at EVER having the central revenue source that the NFL does.

"Parity is the best remedy here and a Cap breeds parity"
I challenge you do show how parity has NOT been in effect in the NHL. Heck, the NHL has more parity than the NFL does. Look at all the different teams not only making the playoffs, but the fact of the matter is that there has been much more variety of teams making the conference finals in the NHL than in any other sport.
And that explaination will also explain their revenue source. When teams have the chance to win, there's more reason to root for your team, in fact fans come out of the wood work when their teams are doing half way decent and the more fans the more money, the more demand, the more you can pay for a commercial spot on TV during a game, the more you can finally demand on your next TV contract and if you don't think that one has to do with the other, you are seriously missing something in this whole supply and demand concept.

As for your second paragraph
Devils 3 cups 4 appearances, Colorado 2 cups 3 appearances, Detroit 3 cups, Dallas 1 cup, 2 cup finals (back to back)

Since the Rangers won in 94 there have been 5 different cup winners in a 10 year span with 3 teams totalling out to 12 appearances, more than half the teams involved in the finals during a ten period, but I guess that parity to you.

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