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08-04-2009, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by SenatorArmy View Post
I think a better argument would be, let's look at the first few seasons of each player

Steve Ott: 1st Season: 26GP 3 goals 4 assists
2nd Season: 73GP 2 goals 10 assists
3rd Season: 82GP 5 goals 17 assists
4th Season: 19GP 0 goals 4 assists
5th Season: 73GP 11 goals 11 assists
6th Season: 64GP 19 goals 27 assists

Lucic: 1st Season: 77GP 8 goals 19 assists
2nd Season: 72GP 17 goals 25 assists

Interesting. Lucic scored more goals in his first 2 seasons, than Ott did in his first 5. In Lucic's 2nd season, his numbers are almost as good as Ott's best season. Lucic more than doubled his own goal totals in his 2nd season than his 1st, & played 5 less games. If I was making a team & I was choosing one guy or the other, I would absolutely pick Milan Lucic. But of course if I could have both, I would also.

It's also worth noting, when Ott was Lucic's age he wasn't even in the NHL yet. He didn't play his first season till he was 20. Lucic played his first season at 18
I can't comment on Lucic as I don't see him often enough. Ott, however, I do. While those stats are telling about Ott's game, they may not be good as a comparison tool. Ott started out as a part time 4th line grinder/ enforcer type. The last 2 seasons are the first that he played with more skilled players and the change in his playing style is drastic. In the past it seemed as if he never even though offensive was part of his responsibility- decidedly not the case last year. It's like someone said, "hey Steve, you need to play in the offensive zone now." And so he did. While I wouldn't rave about Ott's stick skills or sick shot, he's got the positioning part down rather well. Battles great for the puck too. I think last year is really indicative of what he can do on a regular basis.

Did Lucic start out in a top 6 role?

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