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11-01-2004, 02:10 PM
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I have a feeling the NHLPA is going to have to agree to a salary cap eventually. At the same time I feel the league has to get realistic and move from 31 mill. The cap should be 40-55 mill if not higher. There are other little things they can do to make this number even higher without raising it. Why can't they use that rule that the NFL uses where you can name your best player your "franchise player" and he does not count against your cap. This should keep the very highly paid players from being effected by the cap at all. I'm not 100% sure if that is the way the NFL does it and if i'm wrong please correct me.
yeah at the very least they could start things off around there...if the players outright refuse a cap around 40-55 mill, then i'll be more annoyed at them...but it doesn't look like the league has any intention of budging from the $31 mill mark which just isn't feasible in the end, and IMO doesn't solve the money problems that the NHL does have.

but you gotta start with some give and take in negotiating and there hasn't been much on either side...i just see that the players have been a little more willing to compromise than the owners, just my opinion

Either way i'm getting sick of this thing. I mean I dont see how you resolve a labor dispute without talking and meetings. I said the same thing all summer. In my honest opinion I think the NHLPA should fire Goodenow and the NHL should fire Buttman and start anew. Neither side trusts one another and that starts right at the top. Chop both heads and watch this thing get done.
i really agree with that...both sides are sitting and posturing now and it's costing normal people their jobs (all the layoffs by the NHL office, teams are laying off employees) this goes beyond just millionares and billionares arguing and it even hurts local businesses who took in money from the pre and post game rushes...lots of people are getting hurt cuz of this and neither side of it cares. not even to mention the fans who always get screwed

goodenow and bettman do both deserved to be gotten rid of, though i'd start with bettman since he screwed this league to begin with

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