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11-01-2004, 02:35 PM
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Negotiating in bad faith?

First, I don't think you can trust the losses the league purports to be losing. Unfortunately I have not seen a team-by-team account, but have read in different places that the Rangers, Chicago and St. Louis are nearly $90 million of the $224 million in losses. Further, there is fuzzy accounting in arriving at the revenue totals and a team such as the Rangers benefits in other ways not accounted for on the Rangers' income statement that we don't see, and I'm sure they're not the only ones. Back to the original statement. A healthy league is supposedly not one in which the Rangers, Chicago and St. Louis make tons of money. A healthy league is one in which Edmonton can sign a UFA or two, and can retain a greater portion of its RFAs while at the same time operating at a profit. The NHLPA put forth a framework that does help this out with revenue sharing, rollback in salaries, and a luxury tax system. It doesn't wipe-out entirely the losses, and who really cares if the Rangers and some other fat cats can't operate a business, but it shaves them a good deal, and more to the point, it's obviously negotiable. I don't think that's negotiating in bad faith.

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