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Originally Posted by dashingsilverfox View Post
It appears there are no white hats on any of these cowboys:
What makes the NewTimes' opinion piece a poor example of journalism is with all the documents requested and all the questions asked it missed one critical fact:

Michael Reinsdorf and IFG were hired by the City of Glendale in 2001 when the Glendale Arena project was just an idea. The City hired IFG to serve as the full time, on-site consultant on the Arena project, and IFG supervised the project from the bidding process, awarding contracts, overseeing construction, and project completion.

That's why the City went back to IFG in 2004 for the Cardinals stadium project, and why it kept up its relationship with IFG for 8 years.

To imply, as the article does, that IFG got involved with the Coyotes in 2008 and then nefariously conspired with the City to get Daddy Reinsdorf a sweet deal is ludicrous. No one, other than the COG, was more familiar with the intimate details of the COG and its relationship with the Coyotes and the Arena than Michael Reinsdorf and IFG.

So, when Moyes announces at the beginning of the season he's done and walking away, of course Michael Reinsdorf would pick up the phone and call his dad, long before the NHL would have reached out.

I love the NewTimes as an alternative newspaper, but they dropped the puck on this story.

...Move along, nothing to see here, these are not the drones you're looking for...

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