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08-04-2009, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Kazidoom View Post
"But even Resnik doesn't put Kaites and Reinsdorf into negotiations with the city until February. Yet Beasley's calendar shows that the Reinsdorf and Kaites were in the loop as early as December. And some new information makes me suspect that Beacon's hire was little more than a setup to bring in Reinsdorf and Kaites — which puts the duo in the picture even earlier."

Good to know. Now it's pretty much confirmed that Reinsdorf's threats to pull out are just a negotiating tactic. I find it highly unlikely Reinsdorf would consider giving up this quickly if he's been involved since as early as last year.
I don't know if Beasley's calendar comes with an agenda but wasn't the White Sox's Spring Training facility being built in December? Could JR have been in town for that? The City of Glendale and JR have had a business relationship for a while and to assume everytime they met it must have been about the Coyotes is a little premature.

Note: I have not read the whole article but this part did catch my eye. So if I have missed proof of some kind, I apologize.

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