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08-04-2009, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
First off, I think that Biron was brought into the discussion because YOU said that the Flyers would be instant cup favorites with Price in net but have no chance with Emery. If we couldn't get past the 1st rnd with Biron in net last year and he was CLEARLY better than Price last year then what makes you believe they'd be better off with Price?
Hold on a second. I never said the Flyers would be instant cup fav's with Price. I think they'd have a better chance with Price, but at this stage, there are obviously better options out there than Price if you want a cup run. The Flyers have a really good team and even with Emery are going to be a threat this season. IMO they'd be a bigger threat with Price.

This isn't really true. Price was better than Emery THE FIRST YEAR HE PLAYED, until the playoffs and that's it. After that, looking at how they actually played, Emery was better than Price. Look at how Price played last year and I think you'd be ard pressed to convince ANYONE that year he was better than Emery the year he took the Sens to the finals. Do I think that Price is the better goalie, certainly. However, he CLEARLY didn't play like it last year.
Price wasn't in the NHL when Emery was actually a good NHL goalie and made it to the finals, so I don't know what you're getting at. I said that since Price broke into the NHL, he's been better. Geez, Emery was so bad, he was bought out and didn't even get an NHL offer. Even this summer, the offers were very few.

Based upon Price's play last season it may be debatable whether or not he'll be better than Emery NEXT SEASON. If Enery bounces back then yeah, it will most certainly be true (unless Emery plays unreal). If Price plays like he did last year (and yes there is a very real chance of that happening) then Emery has a VERY GOOD chance of being the better of the 2 goalies and not just in stats but in actually how they play on the ice.
I guess that's why they play the games. Hell, going back to the original proposal, if Pleks returns to 2007-8 form he might actually be better than Giroux this season. But let's be realistic here. Alot of things could happen, but the way things stand, the Flyers will win despite Emery, not because of him.

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