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Originally Posted by RabbinsDuck View Post
I am continuously shocked at how poorly Hasek fares on some of these lists.

Even completely ignoring when he was the best goalie, and often even player, in Czechoslovakia, a time when Czechoslovakia was 2nd at the World Championships behind only the Soviet Union, he still appears better to me than Roy, statistically and from watching them play.

Roy, with much better teams, simply can not compare to Hasek's regular season dominance and both goalies raised their games in the playoffs (one was just consistently on much better teams). Both times they went head-to-head (1998 and 2002) Hasek was easily the better goaltender, and there is no denying the older Hasek outshined Roy from the very moment he became a starter in the league.

I've taken a lot of time to look at these two, and Hasek comes out on top in almost every single metric (not based on quantity) I can find short of playoff OT win %.

3 Conn Smythes are incredible, and there is absolutely no denying it, but I fail to see how it trumps 3 extra Vezinas and 2 Harts. Am I missing something?

I really believe if Hasek was canadian he would be the unanimous choice as the greatest goalie ever, and especially the greatest modern goalie.
I have them one after another at this point. Roy dominated in the late 80's to a very high degree in the regular season, and his post seasons are the stuff of legend. He is considered by many to be the best playoff goalie ever. Thus he is the first goalie on many peoples list. I dont think its so outrageous.

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