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Originally Posted by RabbinsDuck View Post

15 players up for votes this round, 12 canadian and 3 european -- guess which three are dead last on his list? -- the only voter to do so (even God Bless Canada had Hasek 10th in this vote).
Maybe it's just that we have to pick amongst lots of players that played their NHL careers way before the first european contender came in? (and I exclude Salming... While a Top-100 contender for sure, he isn't exactly a Top-50 contender, let alone a Top-20)?

Originally Posted by Reds4Life View Post

But it is not just Lidstrom.

Hasek has negatives, but Roy does not?
Jagr is moody fuc*er, but Lafleur is just fine player?
It's just that Roy negatives were much less detrimental than Hasek's negative, and Jagr's negatives were much less detrimental than Lafleur's negatives (who cares that Lafleur smoked 3 packs a day, unless it caused a riot in the lockerroom and the retirement of Jacques Lemaire and Bill Nyrop?). Can blame him on his prima donna attitude, but bottom line is --- he still was the best player on a 4-cup winning team. Something Jagr doesn't have a sniff of a claim at. (for the record, I don't think Lafleur will be in my Top-20)

Geez, most NHA players did worst off-ice related things than Lafleur ever did, and that never, ever was an argument against them.

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
The HOH project is not a penis measuring competition, mon frère.
(for the use of french here, not for the penis-measuring thing...)

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post

As the same time, there's something to be said for being the defining superstar of a generation. Among players who started their careers within a few years of 1920 like Morenz, only Cook can touch him. (and now I am starting to wonder how I had Cook down around 40th!)
Compare Nels Stewart to those guys, and you'll quickly realize that you didn't do anything bad by having Cook around 40th.

Originally Posted by cottonking View Post
Count me among the group of those who left Howie Morenz out of his top 10; count me also among the much-smaller group of those who won't rank him 11th (nothing I read in the first thread has convinced me, but I'm still all eyes).
Good to see somebody join my group.

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