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Originally Posted by NOTENOUGHBREWER View Post
Thats the difference there. Most people saw Roy's playoffs performances as some of, if not the best, of all time. Hasek never put up a comparable playoff in my mind.
If not for the Hull offside goal...

Anyways, Hasek was awesome in playoffs too, but one player can only do so much. Roy's Montreal Cup winning teams were better than any Hasek's Buffalo. Once Hasek went to Detroit and faced another powerhouse - Avalanche and Roy, I belive Hasek outplayed him.
Also, in Nagano, Roy and significantly better Canadian team lost to Hasek and his Czech team.

Bobby Orr or Mario only won 2 Cups, yet I'd take them over Roy in playoffs. Playoff success is great, but one player never wins you a Cup. Not even Wayne could do it.

Hasek's rumored off-ice problems are way overblown around here. He never quit on any team as far as I know. He actually gave up money when he was unable to play. He is a weird guy with a very bad English, but that does not make him a team cancer or whatever you want to call it. He left for Detroit because he wanted to win badly. Just like Ray Bourque. I have never heard this used against Ray around here.

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