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Originally Posted by Reds4Life View Post
If not for the Hull offside goal...

Anyways, Hasek was awesome in playoffs too, but one player can only do so much. Roy's Montreal Cup winning teams were better than any Hasek's Buffalo. Once Hasek went to Detroit and faced another powerhouse - Avalanche and Roy, I belive Hasek outplayed him.
Also, in Nagano, Roy and significantly better Canadian team lost to Hasek and his Czech team.

Bobby Orr or Mario only won 2 Cups, yet I'd take them over Roy in playoffs. Playoff success is great, but one player never wins you a Cup. Not even Wayne could do it.
GEEZ... We're talking who was better than the other in the playoffs, through his career. The Sabres were a dreadful SC team. But according the some posters here (not from the HOH TOp-100, but anyways), the 86 and the 93 are the worst SC cup winners ever (we all know it's false, but we also know they're in the bottom quarter).

Hasek might have beaten Roy. But Roy had THREE DAMN CONNIE SMYTHES. Which is, if I'm not wrong, two more than his closest competitor at the position...

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