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Originally Posted by Phogary Flayotes View Post
But, who's team is it now? Who am I supporting?

I can't personally justify paying money until these questions are answered. Once that happens, I will go all out, but for now. I'm waiting to see how it unfolds.

It isn't turning one's back on the team, what is the team? I don't cheer for the Coyotes.. I cheer for the Phoenix Coyotes, a local hockey entity. If that isn't firmly in place. Why am I cheering? I'm not one to get attached to players, I'm a homer fan. I cheer for the City and nothing else so if that is in jeopardy, or a in a temporary (1 year) situation. Why am I cheering?

I can accept a 5 year window, hell.. a 3 year window of real effort by a new ownership group.. and have always said that if the fans still don't show.. Phoenix doesn't deserve a NHL team.

But I do need a commitment from ownership, and a handful of years guaranteed.

I desperately want the Coyotes to stay at Westgate this year and the future, a large part of the reason I moved here was to watch the Coyotes and invest in the team financially and emotionally because in the past my only connection to them was watching on Center Ice, now i'm here and they possibly could be moved. It's just awful. Many a winter nights i'd watch FSN-AZ in Calgary wishing I could be at Westgate going to games for years and years, now.. who knows.

I have nothing bad to say about folks who will go all out this year, I just find it hard to do that personally without some things cleared up first.
I agree. If this becomes a lame duck season then I'm done. My bitterness level would be such that the team would, in effect, be dead to me. I know that's melodramatic, but I have no interest in rooting for players and a team that won't be here in a year.
And I'll have absolutely no interest in following our favorite players in another city. I like Doan and all the rest because they represent our community and hit the ice donning our livery with the Coyote crest on the sweater. I won't give a tinker's s*** about them if they end up somewhere else.
If Reinsdorf becomes the owner by 9/10, then I will renew my four-seat full season ticket package -- the package I've had since day 1 -- and renew my sponsorship agreement (provided there's a Fox deal). If, however, they depart, then I'll take every piece of Coyote memorabilia I own -- jerseys, programs, media guides, bobble heads, ticket stubs, autographed sticks and game-worn jerseys and pictures with players and staff -- and put it in a neat pile and set it a flame. I won't feel any better, but at least I won't have any painful reminders that at one time this community once had an NHL franchise but lost it.

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