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11-01-2004, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by OTTSENS
How is telling the owners 2 yeard in advance to start to put money into a warchest for the upcoming lockout? Not a possibility, but preparing to lock players out.

When you're dealing with Goodenow you know very well that it will be a difficult negociation you have to be prepare to play hard ball
First of all, that in itself is the definition of not negotiating in good faith. You are GUESSING that nogotiations will be hard. You don't actually know anything. So you are playing hardball, but there is a big difference between playing hardball and not playing at all. Bettman is not playing. Saying "$31m or bust" is not negotiating. It is dictating terms.

And as for the first are not negotiating in good faith if you are telling the owners that they need to put away money for the lockout. If you are saying 2 years in advance that you are preparing to lockout the players, then you are not interested in negotiation to save a season.

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