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HOH Top 70 Players of All Time (2009)

MOD note: This was originally intended to be an update of the 2008 Top 100 list, but only the top 70 was completed. Link to the completed 2008 Top 100 list is at the bottom of this post.

This is the final list of the Top 70 Hockey Players as determined by the History of Hockey community at HFBoards:

Top 70 Hockey Players
199Wayne GretzkyC6'0"1851978-1999
24Bobby OrrD6'0"1991966-1977;1978-1979
39Gordie HoweRW6'0"2051946-1971;1973-1980
466Mario LemieuxC6'4"2001984-1997;2000-2006
59Bobby HullLW5'10"1911957-1980
62Doug HarveyD5'11"1901947-1969
74Jean BeliveauC6'3"2051950-1951;1952-1971
82Eddie ShoreD5'11"1941924-1944
99Maurice RichardRW5'10"1801942-1960
1077Raymond BourqueD6'0"2191979-2001
117Howie MorenzC5'9"1651923-1937
1239Dominik HasekG6'2"1801990-2008
131Jacques PlanteG6'0"1751952-1973;1974-1975
1433Patrick RoyG6'0"1651984-2003
1521Stan MikitaC5'9"1691958-1980
164Leonard "Red" KellyD6'0"1951947-1967
175Nicklas LidstromD6'2"1901991-Present
185Denis PotvinD6'0"2051973-1988
1910Guy LafleurRW6'0"1851971-1985;1988-1991
207Phil EspositoC6'1"2051963-1981
2116Bobby ClarkeC5'10"1761969-1984
2211Mark MessierC6'1"2051978-2004
2368Jaromir JagrRW6'2"2401990-Present
241Terry SawchukG5'11"1901949-1970
251Glenn HallG5'11"1901952-53;1954-1971
2619Bryan TrottierC5'11"1951975-1994
274Fred "Cyclone" TaylorR/D5'8"1651905-1923
284Edouard "Newsy" LalondeC5'9"1681904-1927;1928
2922Mike BossyRW6'0"1851977-1987
307Ted LindsayLW5'8"1631944-1965
3119Larry RobinsonD6'3"2201972-1992
3219Joe SakicC5'11"1851988-2009
332Viacheslav FetisovD6'1"2151974-1975;1976-1998
3415Milt SchmidtC6"0"1851936-1942;1945-1955
3517Valeri KharlamovLW5'8"1651967-1981
3619Steve YzermanC5'11"1851983-2006
3730Martin BrodeurG6'1"2051991-1992;1993-Present
3810Syl Apps, Sr.C6'0"1851936-1948
3929Ken DrydenG6'4"2071970-1979
405Bill CookRW5'10"1721922-1937
4124Chris CheliosD6'1"1901983-Present
4222Brad ParkD6'0"1901968-1985
435Bernard GeoffrionRW5'9"1701950-1964;1966-1968
4420Vladislav TretiakG6'1"2021968-1984
457/4/11Joe MaloneC5'10"1501910-1924
467Paul CoffeyD6'0"2001980-2001
479Charlie ConacherRW6'0"2101929-1941
487/17Frank BoucherC5'9"1851921-1922;1926-1938;1943-1944
4927Frank MahovlichLW6'1"2051956-1978
5016Marcel DionneC5'8"1851971-1989
517Francis "King" ClancyD5'7"1551921-1937
523Pierre PiloteD5'10"1781955-1969
531Clint BenedictG5'11"1851912-1930
541Bill DurnanG6'0"1901943-1950
5516Henri RichardC5'7"1601955-1975
569Andy BathgateRW6'0"1801952-1968;1970-1971
5722Max BentleyC5'9"1581940-1943;1945-1954
585Aubrey "Dit" ClapperRW/D6'2"1951927-1947
591Walter "Turk" BrodaG5'9"1801936-1943;1945-1952
6017Earl SeibertD6'2"1981931-1946
6124Sergei MakarovRW5'11"1851976-1997
627Tim HortonD5'10"1801949-1974
6312Richard "Dickie" MooreLW5'10"1681951-1965;1967-1968
642Sprague CleghornD5'10"1901910-1928
6521Peter ForsbergC6'0"2051990-Present
664Aurele JoliatLW5'7"1361922-1938
675/16Cy DennenyLW5'7"1681914-1929
6813Boris MikhailovRW5'9"1701969-1981
6917Jari KurriRW6'0"1941977-1998
709Ted KennedyC5'11"1751942-1957

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