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Originally Posted by octopi View Post
I used to be moderatly good at floor hockey because I was so agressive I would run all over the place challenging anyone and anything, stickhandle by just shooting the ball slightly and running to it, and use my strength to get outside, powerful shots on net. Now I am slower, older, heavier and more apathetic. I joined a floor hockey team for a little fun and excersize, but it just seems like a waste of time, and more of a chore than fun right about now. I am also playing a higher level of opponant than I faced in high school....
Ball hockey is based alot on conditioning and positioning. Dangles and the crossovers don't translate to ball hockey at all when playing at a higher level because it's not like you're on the ice and get caught by the drift factor (By B level, it is very hard to use dangles for more than creating space for shots. On the A level - aka canadian national team level/red knights, forget about it. Even a simple toe drag is an invitation to get stripped). This even more amplified if you play passively.

I'm assuming you're playing at a C or D level. Even there unless you have some dirty mitts or a tunderous shot with a quick release; conditioning matter very much.

My advice is... get into hockey shape with some simple dryland training (even a regular interval does wonders). My main thing was awhile was boxing and submission wrestling. I was in shape but it's not hockey shape and I had to change some things to better my ball hockey game and enjoy it more.

The alternative is to play in a lower divison.

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