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Originally Posted by FruityPants3 View Post
Not sure about that, since it looks like de Bonis was put in that role only about 6 months after Zimmerman? Interesting, he has been with them for 20 years and was CFO for 9 years.

So now you have a bean counter and Mike Gillis in charge of marketing

Definitely more to it than what's on the surface, though.
De Bonis has been around for ages, that is correct, and he has had a large role regardless of Zimmerman being president and CEO, de Bonis has done a large deal of the work. It's an expansion of his role but not significantly. Gillis will be acting president and will have slightly more of a role, but his main act is still in hockey operations.

And while ultimately Zimmerman overlooked marketing, the department reaches down further, Zimmerman may give some guide, but he's was the stamper and sealer, which is what Gillis will be, he won't be as involved as Zimmerman.

Anyways, under Zimmerman the actual brand and brand management has developed a ton, more than you guys give credit, if you compare what the state of the organization was before 3 years ago to now, there wouldn't be all the structure. And regardless of the questionable items that ultimately failed such as the 7th Man and the movie, there have been many not so obvious moves that have made the Canucks one of the most profitable teams in the league. The brand and fan involvement is only second to those of the Habs and Leafs, even then in things like web we surpass them. And just so everyone realizes, the team reaches much further than simply what is put on the ice every game night. Think of the all things Canucks you see throughout the community at events and in the streets.

As for the 'more to it' part. Possibly, no one really knows, when they say it's family related, it is in a very large part due to that. Whether or not there was friction between him and the Acquilinis, hard to know for sure. He certainly wasn't pushed out by de Bonis or Gillis though.

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