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08-05-2009, 06:06 AM
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Originally Posted by juice1815 View Post
lets face it, **** ty players go play in the KHL because it is a **** ty league. Sorry we took guys like Malkin, Fedorov and others but the best players in the world come to the best league in the world.

People in Europe need to get not get flustered when guys want to challenge themselves and play against the top players in the world. It is a natural part of life, people want to be the best in their profession, the only way to be the best is be in the best league in thw world and face top notch competition.

There are several good players in the KHL but it is the same for other sports and other leagues all over the world. Just look at the Fedor Emilinanko guy in MMA. Not in the UFC with a 30-1 record but not considered the best because he does not face top competition that the UFC has. Not the best example but one that has been in the news lately so thought i would use it. The NHL needs to let guys go who do not want to be here. What type of person does not want to be the best? **** Hudler and **** Radulov, decent players but ran for the money, no one wants that lack of character around
The KHL has never had a problem with players leaving for the NHL. They have a problem with players breaking contracts to do so.

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