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Originally Posted by sharkohol View Post
Those are valid points. But is there a need to be sound defensively if you are scoring more than you are scored on? Just playing devil's advocate. For what it's worth, Heatley's plus-minus on the Sens is pretty good, but that stat is always interpreted differently.

Also, McKeon is obviously not the biggest sharks expert but he raises an interesting point about the franchise's lack of LWs over the years. Marleau had a good year playing LW but I wouldn't say that's his most comfortable position given that he's played C most of his career.

Also - just throwing ideas around - is being a defensive stalwart as a winger an essential part of the position? I thought traditionally that's the center's responsibility. Impact wingers like Ovechkin, Selanne and Kovalchuk aren't known for their defensive aura and I assumed Heatley followed a similar style.
If you score a career-high in goals, I'd say you are pretty comfortable.

There have been plenty wingers with excellent defensive skill, just take Heatley's linemate Alfredsson. He is the defense on the Heatley-Spezza-Alfredsson line.

Simply put, what counts are the individual skills, not some artificial stuff like "centers are supposed to be the defensive minded ones".

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