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Originally Posted by endy View Post
You know, the part about Wilson sympathizing with Tambellini because of all these leaks... Does murray not run a tight ship over there? ALL of these rumors are no doubt leaking from ottawa, if i were a GM i would absolutely hate dealing with a guy that lets the press know every time an offer is made.
You know that there are player agents too involved here don't you?

I don't know why any GM would leak stuff out, they should get black listed and Bryan Murray's been a long time GM in the NHL on a number of teams.

In an organizational level I think it is hard to keep on the hush on any potential deal especially for a player of Heatley's stature in a hockey market. There are about dozen scouting staff members involved and team officials and for a major or local paper to get to one of them for the right price to leak out some info for print is almost impossible to stop. You have to admit it creates some intrigue if not excitement when potential names in discussions come out. Even though deals that get done and those that don't come out and are quick and sudden.

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