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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
High draft picks and selection are often influenced by the GM in power. . Later round picks are made by the amateur scouting team with the GM likely never even seeing nor hearing of some of those players taken.. A GM receives credit simply through the process that he is the boss of those that work for him and employed below him...

There was an actual "After the Draft Leafs TV presentation" that showed Leafs chief Euro Scout Thommie Bergman having to work hard to sell Anton Stralman's selection to JFJ at the time of the pick as Ferguson was against it. Bergman won the point and Leafs made the selection, against the better judgement of the GM..

Thommie Bergman has been a Leafs scout before even Pat Quinn became GM and many of Leafs Euro prospects that we do have particulary Swedes taken like Stralman and Stalberg etc were all a result of Leafs Euro scouting team for the most part.

So if late round draft pick selections are the "Best Of" what a GM accomplished during his tenure, and he had little to do with the process then that isn't very much!!! .. Any GM in power at the time that relies and trusts his amateur scouting team would have accomplished the same thing.

The scouting team is simply directed by those in charge as to the type of players he likes and would like the scouting team to put emphasis on as BPA.. The scouting team then puts actual names and faces to those selections and picks based on criteria.

I really wish someone could find a clip of this, would be awesome.... as far as jfj goes, I really struggle to think of anything he did that made any progress. But at the same time, he was on a short lease, and had to answer to people that wanted a contender now,not in 5 years.

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