Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jannik Hansen Re-Signed.
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08-05-2009, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Zorbane View Post
I think Jannik Hansen is a bit overrated on these boards.
Pffftwhat, no he's not. The guys being buried on the 4th line OR a rotating scratch. If anything he's UNDERRATED.

He had the highest point pace out of all of all our secondary 40-pointish guys and yet is consistently considered the worst among them for no reason other than because he played poorly coming off injury the last time we saw him. That's ridiculous. He deserves far more respect than he's getting.... probably deserving at least an equal shot at any of those 3rd line spots... but he likely won't get that shot.

And now he's getting basically a minimum wage contract, yet we aren't going nuts over how much of a steal this is, and one guy is even complaining!

Pro-rated over 82 games,

Bernier 32 pts
Hansen 31 pts
Wellwood 30 pts
Raymond 26 pts
Pyatt 23 pts

And yet Raymond and Wellwood are treated like offensive dynamos at times and Hansen nothing but a 4th liner (I'm not complaining about this, just adding hyperbole to my point).
Originally Posted by Wetcoaster View Post
Is it not obvious?

The Great Dane - Jannik Hansen.
I loved this clip when it happened.

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