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08-05-2009, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Alex28 View Post
I never said Peverley was just on a hot streak, I said he was half a season removed from the AHL and still far from proven. And if it turns out he can maintain that level of play while centering Armstrong and someone else, Atlanta becomes a very fearsome team. There's still a role for Peverley on the team even with Zubrus.

I never advocated Zubrus replace white, White is Little's center, Zubrus would be Kovalchuk's and Antropov's, and I feel that line would seriously overachieve since their playing styles mesh so well.

Kozlov was a 41 point player the season before the last one and everyone and their mother wanted to run him out of town. He's also becoming pretty old now, and I'd say expecting him to repeat with over 60 points is a reach, even if possible.

And while Salmella could be a good top 4 on some teams if he develops, a Salmella-Hainsey pairing would just bleed goals against.

Also, it's not as big of a gamble to expect Zubrus to regain his form as people think, he's still 31, pretty healthy and simply hadn't gotten a top line center role in the last 2 years, while playing with people whose styles he doesn't mesh with offensively when in a top 6 role. He needs puck hogs on his line who are good at drawing attention and stretching out the ice while he gets in position and finishes guys off in the corners. Elias and Gionta are pretty much the opposite of those types of players, that's why the anti-Zubrus (Gomez) worked so well with them. Kovalchuk-Zubrus would likely have very similar chemistry to Dubinsky-Jagr.
peverley was on waivers because he is not good in a bottom six role

he must stay in the top 6 to be effective

kozlov also played the whole season with multiple injuries the season before and his stats that season are a clear anomaly when looking at his career

the fact is we just don't have room for another top 6 player without shipping another out and we aren't going to do that until we see if peverley will continue to be an effective top 6 player

in other words we won't bring in anyone for our top 6 until the season starts

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