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08-05-2009, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersJunky View Post
In all seriousness, I wouldn't want to ever again see anything like that in any sport -- or in anyTHING, for that matter -- let alone by a member of a team I support.

It is one thing to joke about making Cyndy uncomfortable... or to see him being hit as Hatcher did a couple seasons back, or Smith laying him out... all during the game, and within the aspect of the game and at least somewhat close to the rules -- meaning that if it is cleanish, but an infraction is whistled, so be it -- and always in the spirtit of the game and in good sportsmanship... Players can game display good sportsmanship while laying a player out in a physical contact sport, such as hockey is. It is another thing entirely to see a player go clearly over the line in an act that was more than likely an out of his mind play -- the entire event was not premeditated, IMO... it was his intention to take a pound of flesh in retaliation, but I don't believe it was meant to go nearly to that extreme. At least I like to believe it wasn't.

Sometimes a player crosses the line and deserves a stiff find and suspension... and other times the act borders on criminal, which I believe the Bertuzzi act was.

I honestly don't like that Bert was allowed to lace the skates up again in the NHL... He was, so we muct all live with the fact. I really am not happy with the chance that he could don O&B... And if he ever again does such an act, I will not give him the support I usually give to one of my own -- while being fair and honest in my assessment -- Another such act should cast him from the league forever, IMO... And make the organization think.

That said, Homer has always been known for giving second chances to people... I assume this can fall under that category... So, with the way this team is presently being constructed/tweaked, I could see him being signed.
nobody agrees with what he did, but the guy made a mistake....people make mistakes and deserve second chances imo

i think we can all agree that he had no intention on breaking moores neck, it was an unfortunate incident, and i feel bad for everyone involved....yes even todd...lets remember why it happened in the first place, moore cheap shoted his friend, linemate and captain in naslund, and todd wanted to get back at him, unfortunately he didnt do it the right way, and will never escape that incident for the rest of his life.

i think mcsorley's slash to brash's head was 10 times worse, but obviously the end result from the bertuzzi thing was a 100 times worse, so nobody talks about that one

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