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08-05-2009, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by densetsu View Post
Not 100% effective, because (at least from my Edmonton experiences):

2. Teammates can also be less than honest... "oops I gotta get my mouthguard, gimme the key for a sec" and voila, access to all the wallets.
3. Many rinks share showers between two rooms, and lots of times guys forget to lock the door to the shower. Or the shower door latch is very simple and can be jimmied open with ease.
4. In drop-in / shinny games, you can't lock the door because you don't know if/when another guy is going to come.

Just a comment on a few of your points.

#2- it sucks to not trust your team mates. Change the guys you play with.
#3- It happens by mistake one out of 40 times..Otherwise...
#4- true. In those games, you bring your bag with all your clothes and stuff to the bench. Simple.

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