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08-05-2009, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by 25 Pronger D PHI View Post
nobody agrees with what he did, but the guy made a mistake....people make mistakes and deserve second chances imo

i think we can all agree that he had no intention on breaking moores neck, it was an unfortunate incident, and i feel bad for everyone involved....yes even todd...lets remember why it happened in the first place, moore cheap shoted his friend, linemate and captain in naslund, and todd wanted to get back at him, unfortunately he didnt do it the right way, and will never escape that incident for the rest of his life.

i think mcsorley's slash to brash's head was 10 times worse, but obviously the end result from the bertuzzi thing was a 100 times worse, so nobody talks about that one
Not arguing on second chances... I'm just not thrilled to have him on the team I live and die with.

Many people go over the line in a momentary lapse of judgement/temporary insanity... Most are at least punished and put on probation, and let's say that Bertuzzi's punishment was just that, and he is allowed to play in the NHL.

That said, almost every act of bad judgement and crime can be justified in such a manner... Even a repeat offender can be looked at as being out of his mind and not really aware enough to understand that he or she is doing wrong... Sooooo, everybody gets another chance... Even child molesters and wife beater get another chance or two.

I guess my point -- and, yes I do have one -- is that everybody has their own level of forgiveness... and draws their own line at acts of violence and crime and how liberal they are in handing out punishment and chances... Me? I just wonder the wisdom in allowing a person to skate at breakneck speed -- no pun intended -- with a weapon in their hand, in an extremely physical and sometime violent game, when they have shown that they are capable of a violent lapse of judgement... I'm not saying that he can't be forgiven and allowed to live life free and forgiven, I'm just saying that freedom can be had outside the NHL -- like Moore now is.

And, yes, McSorley has displayed the type lack of judgement that would make me think twice before I employed him in a position that involves a weapon/stick.

I guess what scares me is the length that the team is going in constructing a team chock full of players who have a history of racking up PIMS and suspensions... When is enough enough? Is it going over the line to bring in a player with Betuzzi's history after the recent acquisitions?... Where do they stop?... How will the NHL be looking at all this?... Can the Flyers play through added scrutiny by on and off ice officials?

I guess we will be finding out in a few months.

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