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08-05-2009, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Z4dfence View Post
The Organization Coyotes Hockey didn't send that crap out. Dewey Ranch Hockey did. Now DRH is the holding company for the Yotes but dont let that fool you into thinking they have the best interests of the team or the fans in their hearts. DRH is selling us out in every way they can. The more 'core' fans they can shake loose, the more devalued the team becomes and the better the chances for ripping the team out of Phoenix.

It is next to impossible to play anywhere besides PHO for 09... but they want you to believe that you will lose your money because the team wont be here... don't believe their hype.

Do you think the NHL is going to risk getting a rep for taking STH's money and not giving them games and not returning the money? Highly highly doubtful... what happens the next time a team gets financially wobbly? Everyone points to the PHO fans gettin ripped and refuses to buy tix... no way they risk that...

DRH and Jerry Moyes want you to freak out, want you to cancel your tix or refuse to buy so they can use that as ammo in court.

These guys are risking fines and legal sanctions to get what they want... you think scare tactics on fans is beneath them?
It was a snide comment, Z. Maybe I should have a used a in suggesting a flood of calls to the ticket office from upset STH who received the DRH letter. A thousand or so calls might make a nice addition to the court record, and further backup the argument introduced today by the NHL about attempts to disrupt and deter the local auction.

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