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08-05-2009, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Bickley: Coyotes saga just gets uglier

Very encouraging article.
I for one have had enough with the garbage the Phoenix media is spewing with regards to its fans and the team. I expect this more to come from the media up north but not in AZ.

Someone needs to remind all the media outlets in this state that they are supposed resperesent all sports teams in AZ regardless of popularity and type of team.

If this were the DBacks, Suns, and now the Cardinals since they have turned the courner on the verge of relocating then it would be a different story altoughter with who the media would cover this.

I say lets start flooding the media in AZ with calls, emails, twitter feeds and more.
Maybe even give the finger on camera everytime we go past a news camera so the fcc fines can build up.

The Phoenix Mercury get more coverage(positive coverage) than the Yotes and their fan base is small compared to the Yotes and even after they won a WNBA title they still cant get an explosion in interest.

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