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Originally Posted by DevsFan84 View Post
Get a cheap spray bottle and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Fill the bottle 1/3 with the alcohol and the rest with water. Spray your stuff down, let it dry outside. Repeat several times.

This will cost you like 3 bucks if you don't have any of that stuff at home. It should get rid of the smell. If it doesn't, get a bottle of petzyme or natures miracle ($10 at a pet store) spray your stuff and let it dry. Repeat as necessary. The smell will be gone.
+1 on the diluted rubbing alcohol spray. I use a spray after every game to keep the smells away. When I first started spraying it took about 4 times for the smell to get under control, but it did. Isopropyl alcohol comes in concentrations anywhere from 50% - 99.9%; dilute the solution so it's about 25% alcohol.

I also wash my gear in the bathtub once a year, and steam clean my gloves as well. If you haven't washed the gear for years, be prepared -- it's going to be brown, brown water.

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