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Originally Posted by Down Goes Brown View Post
At another point, he got quite specific, telling Brian Duff that "you'll see that there was an obstructed view off the faceoff, and two big players were in my line of sight."

Of course, you only have to watch the replay to see:
- The play didn't happen "off the faceoff"
- There aren't "two big players" anywhere near where Fraser is looking.

He also made an offhand comment about how Harry Neale needed five or six replays to see the high stick (implying that he wasn't the only one who missed it). But the very first words Neale says after the play are "It was Wayne Gretzky’s stick, Bob, I believe…". Again, you just need to watch the replay once to see that.

By the end of the interview, I kept waiting for Fraser to swear that he said "thanks but no thanks" to the bridge to nowhere.

I know it was a long time ago and Fraser deserves some credit for at least admitting it was a missed call that he regerts, but Leaf fans still don't have a good explanation for how something so obvious was missed.
could have been worse ...i.e. Brett Hull's foot in the crease Stanley Cup winning illegal goal. (talk about a screw job)

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