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11-02-2004, 01:14 AM
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1-Most talented hockey player ever: Jaromir Jagr. Even today, as an overpaid **** who doesn't care, he still makes hockey look easier than it is.

2-Best deker ever? Mario Lemieux. I was embarassed for every goalie he ever scored a breakaway goal on. none ever had a chance, and they knew it.

3-Best passer ever? Wayne Gretzky. More assists than anyone has points. Hard to argue with.

4-Best slap shooter ever? Bobby Hull. When your shot is so hard it causes equipment reform, you win by default.

5-Best snap shooter ever? Brett Hull. See it live and you'll agree.

6-Best wrist shooter ever? Mario Lemieux. Not counting one-timers, can you think of ONE forehand shot goal of his he scored non-wrist shot?

7-Best garbage goals scorer ever? Phil Esposito. Did he EVER score a goal outside a 4 feet radius of the goal?

8-Fastest skater ever? Pavel Bure. I've seen defensemen slow down chasing him. When defensemen begin coasting/decelerating upon seeing you head in, you are damn fast.

9-Toughest legend ever? 1g, 1a, 1fight = Mr. Hockey hattrick

10-Best offensive defenseman ever? Bobby Orr. NO ONE should have a different answer.

11-Best defensive forward ever? Bob Gainey. No knock on Bob, but is there even a comparable forward for the 'defensive-forward' criteria?

12-Best Goalie ever? Terry Sawchuck. His shutout totals in an era of 6 allstar teams is nearly as obscene as Gretzky's records.

13-Best defenseman ever? Bobby Orr. To be that good offensively, and still be a dominant defensive presence just isn't right.

14- Best forward ever? Mario Lemieux. You shouldn't be able to come back from cancer, sit out from competitive hockey for years, only to return and dominate the league.

15-Best All Around Player ever? Bobby Orr. If he wore goalie pads, he probably wouldn't even need teammates. Bobby Hull has been referenced asking the refs to toss the rest of the players a puck to share, b/c orr's ability to hold the puck was simply uncalled for.

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