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Originally Posted by Down Goes Brown View Post
True. Fraser/Gretzky is far from the only terrible call. The disputed Flames goal in the finals comes to mind too.

But at least in most cases, there's an explantion. It's either judgment-based ("the referee just didn't think it was a penalty") or you get some sort of rules-based explanation. Even the Sabres got a rules interpretation to explain the Hull goal. It was utter BS, but they got something.

With Fraser, we get the "obstructed view" defense that makes perfect sense as long as you never actually, you know, watch the play.
Which is a similar explanation to the Buffalo one, isn't it? Seems like we got an explanation, it was just a very poor one.

Did the Fraser call in Calgary go upstairs?

I think the guy was a horrible referee, he just never seemed to make the right decisions, but as far as I can tell/remember, we got an explanation on the call.

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