Thread: News Article: Balsillie back in the bidding
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08-06-2009, 08:09 PM
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Hamilton, the city OWNS Copps...

they would make profits from concessions, parking etc.

obviously the best situation is when the owner OWNS the building, ask MLSE.

so Balsillie is willing to throw a few million get it NHL ready...but it's not HIS arena so why should he fork over 180 million...he'd be better off building his own arena for 250 mill and reap the profits forever...

The City of Hamilton is salivating over Balsillie bringing in this would mean massive economic boost for the local economy, and big prestige. No one else has ever got them an NHL team, nor could anyone...other than this ballsy individual.

if govt won't fork over the $ in the long term (they will though)...then at some point he throws up 'RIM ARENA' on the 401 near Kitchener-Waterloo...and he can then drive 15 minutes to the rink, and enjoy the concessions profits, ancilliary income from other shows there, could put a hotel there etc etc.

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