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08-06-2009, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by lightning_legwand View Post
Sorry boys, but being a Canadian, no matter what crap is printed about him, I love the guy!!

He is trying to bring CANADA's game back to Canada a bit. Since the states have stolen a few of our teams already.

The states have Football, Baseball, and Basketball, hockey is ours forever! We always dominate at every Olympics or whatever, Canada has the most medals and are the king of all countries for hockey.

So with all that said, why is there only 6 out of 30 teams Canadian?? Hockey just simply does better in Canada.

I am a HUGE preds fan, living in Canada, but I GUARANTEE if Balsillie had of bought the Preds we would be most likely in Stanley Cup contention now and would not have lost half our team. We would also be able to sign free agents and actually make trades. AND.. the Predators would be a TON more profitable playing out of Winnpieg, Hamilton, Kitchener, or wherever in Canada.
It's not economically viable to have a lot more teams in Canada..if not for the States having those teams, the KHL would be poaching so many more players because Canadian markets just wouldn't be able to pay the anywhere near the salaries they get now.

And if you still "love" this guy after this document, then you are just plain ignorant.

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