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11-02-2004, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
40%, and I need to re-check, but I thought Detroit had a double-digit loss too. But I do hear you, but I really don't know the losses for sure beyond Florida, Carolina, PITT (or if they even lost money with that payroll), and probably one or more of the Anaheim teams, and I don't know the extent of those losses (although I'm sure Carolina's is pretty high, and hockey has no business being there).
Still, if it is closer to 40%, and THEN one factors in Detroit's double digit loss and just Carolina loss, one has 50% of the league's purported $223m loss. And that is not even touching the 6 expansion teams (Carolina moved). How can Bettman even present arguments against this? Facts are facts. When one then looks at the 6 expansion teams and takes into consideration that the great majority of them play in markets that should have never been, my estimation is that the majority of the $223 reported loss goes by the wayside.

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