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08-07-2009, 04:35 AM
Peter Puck
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Originally Posted by Azazel View Post
I think there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about what is going on. I think it needs to be simplied. As an Leaf fan, what would a Balsillie bid mean to us?

Well, feel free to add to this list, but off the top of my head, I can see pros and cons.

- We spend a lot of money on our team, and much of it goes to support the cup aspirations of the have-nots. Like the Coyotes. A Hamilton team results in less money going to some bible-thumping fan's team down south.
- Our team effectively extorts our fanbase with high prices, and refuses to let competition in. A Hamilton team would allow for an another option. This should, in theory, keep MLSE more honest. No wonder MLSE is willing to fight this to the end.
- We have a potential Canadian owner who loves the sport, and wants to bring a second team to the largest hockey market in the world, thus expanding the Canadian economy further.

- A failing team is in danger of picking up and moving to a more viable market. Who cares? We're the largest fanbase in the league by far. That doesn't effect us, or most of the other big markets. And frankly, if a team can't support itself in a city, why does it deserve handouts. This isn't a state, it's a hockey team.

The NHL appears very petty and greedy in all of this. Even if RIM Jim doesn't get his team, at least the league will be exposed for the corporate farce that it is.
Don't be too sure about your first pro. A sucessful team in Hamilton pushes up the cap both floor and ceiling. Pushing up the floor means a bunch of financially weak teams need to spend more money. Some of this money comes from the strong teams like us. I don't know whether we win or lose here.

I'll also add another con. I live near Kingston. I can't see many leaf games because the league has decided I'm in Ottawa's region. Leaf's TV is blacked out here. Leaf games are blacked out on Centre Ice. If you live west of Toronto and a team moves into Hamilton, will you still be able to watch the Leafs?

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